Exclusive homes, areas vulnerable to crime

LIVING in some of the country’s most expensive streets and suburbs comes at a cost and these homes are often targeted by criminals. Property research group Lightstone recently released results ofthe10 most expensive streets and suburbs in South Africa.

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 The Arcfyre Group are specialists in providing turnkey security solutions in emerging markets. Three brands form part of the Arcfyre Group as market leaders in protective, risk consulting, journey management and specialist training services - Arcfyre InternationalSecure Drive and Altor International.

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Kidnapping for ransom becoming a concern in South Africa

General Vacancies

All of Arcfyre International’s personnel are professionally trained and experienced in their fields. We pay meticulous attention to detail, taking care of every client requirement, along with mitigating risks, no matter how simple or complex they may be. We are completely client-focused, considering and understanding every permutation of risk so that we can mitigate for it.   If you think you have what it takes to join this industry-leading protective services team, send us your resume and a summary of why we should hire you!

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Airport Attacks on the Increase - Calls for Greater Security Measures by Business and Holiday Travellers

Recent headlines and security discussions have placed a greater focus on violence between the metered taxi industry and Uber as well as a number of reported incidents where criminals have followed unsuspecting travellers from OR Tambo International Airport before robbing them when they arrive at their residence or hotel.

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Piracy back on the radar for East Africa

Following five years of relative calm, recent events suggest that Somali pirates have returned to the coast of East Africa. While efforts to combat piracy in the region proved effective in the short-term, new tactics undertaken by the hostile groups - involving instances of kidnapping for ransom - have upped the stakes for those caught up in the middle of it all.

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Is drone-jacking the next potential terrorism threat?

Drones currently play an invaluable role in surveillance conducted by both private and state security forces across the world. However, they can just as easily be utilised - or even hi-jacked - by terrorist organisations and used to access state information and spy on those protecting the general public.

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Kaya FM - Interview with Jared Higgins

Jared Higgins

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Kidnapping a reality for business travellers









This is according to Jared Higgins, CEO of the Arcfyre Group - a leading protective and risk consulting firm - who, in response to the recent kidnapping of a South African photojournalist in Syria, notes that it is not just your c-suite executives and political delegates who need to take extra precautions when journeying to areas of conflict.

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High Risks

Every year during the festive season crime rates increase.

Jared Higgins, chief executive officer of Arcfyre Group, a leading protective and risk consultation firm, gave more insight.

Referring to the attempted hijacking which happened at The Palazzo Hotel at Montecasino in Johannesburg on 3 December, Higgins said that it is clear that criminals are being smart about their crimes.

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Hi-jacking – The higher the status, the higher the risk?

With the festive season upon us, it is important to consider that criminals are becoming more discerning and ever more selective with their targets, opting to “hit” high net worth areas, victims or venues, where the takings would likely be greatest and targets easiest.

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SA Business Warned to Plan Appropriately for Travel to Nigeria

Having the largest economy on the African continent, Nigeria is rapidly becoming a popular destination for some of our country’s – and the world’s – top organisations. With high profile business representatives and executives planning for travel across the continent in 2017, leading protective and risk consulting firm, Arcfyre Group, shed some light on precautions for business travel to Nigeria.

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Risk mitigation for travelling employees: Whose responsibility is it?

Globalisation and the search for new business opportunities is forcing organisations to send more and more employees into Africa and abroad. However, the social and ethical dimension of responsible travel management, goes beyond sustainable procurement.

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Humanitarian safety concerns continue

International instability is at fever pitch, with civil war continuing to tear away at the very fabric of Syria, while North Korea looms large as a potential hotspot for a major international conflict. However, as the rhetoric of political leaders sways between measured and hysterical, non-profit organisations (NGOs) continue to operate in the most hostile and dangerous environments, and then continue to do so long after the media spotlight has shifted to the next big story.

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