Our personnel come from diverse backgrounds and collectively provide substantive experience in executive protection, counter-terrorism, counter-kidnap, security systems design as well as logistics and operational risk management fields.

All our security personnel have successfully passed an intensive selection process that includes background checks, psychometric evaluation, and an assessment of ‘hard’ skills including driving, physical fitness and proficiency in armed and unarmed protection skills as well as medical skill proficiency. We only recruit staff that have proven competency, both physically and mentally, to deal with the ever changing threats and challenges faced in global environments. Our staff have all proven themselves time and time again, through field experience in challenging or hostile environments.


All protective personnel employed by the Arcfyre Group are qualified according to international standards in VIP Protection and are registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA). However, we believe that industry best practice standards alone are not sufficient in today’s world, and therefore have set the benchmark at new levels for our personnel. This is reflected in the fact that the Arcfyre Group invests significantly in continual in-house training of our personnel, utilising carefully researched training material and methods to ensure that all personnel maintain peak physical fitness and mental readiness.

Our in-house training programme includes:
  • A customised wellness program for protective agents.
  • Mandatory Job specific training provided every weekend
  • Compulsory gym activities.
  • Quarterly assessments of protective related skills.
  • Specialised input in protective intelligence, threat assessment and advanced tactics.

Secure Drive

All of our Secure Drive personnel are registered with PSIRA and other relevant regulatory authorities and are licensed to transport passengers. They also have former police or security experience and are able to bring expertise of local conditions to bear.

To see more about Secure Drive’s services, click here.

Protective Agents

All of our Protective Agents are qualified according to international standards in VIP Protection and are registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA).

See the list below to see the range of core competencies they are required to meet.

Core competencies:
  • Weapons competency.
  • Unarmed combat.
  • Advanced driving.
  • Combat medical training.
  • Emergency medical support.
  • Threat analysis and response.
  • Advanced operational planning.
  • Hostile environment survival.
  • Crisis response evacuation assistance.
  • Protection diplomacy (confidentiality, discretion and other protocol and etiquette requirements).
  • Vehicle, office and residential assessments.
  • Regulatory compliance and legal frameworks.

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